The Magnet Trials Press Kit


Developer: Tri Pie Interactive

Platform: PC

Price: $14.99 (15% launch discount = $12.74)

Release Date: Feb 22, 2019

Store Page: Steam


Social: Twitter Instagram YouTube


The Magnet trials is a first person action adventure game where the player, Magnus, uses an electromagnetic gun to attract and repel magnetic objects, create platforms, fight cylindroids, and solve puzzles.

After the research lab is attacked, Armitage, the droid that helped Magnus to develop the magnet gun, helps to guide the player through each of the many challenges to escape with the magnet gun.


  • Different environments including a research lab, mine, launchpad, space station, and ruins
  • Puzzles solved by using the magnet gun to manipulate magnetic puzzle pieces
  • Intense platforming making use of magnetic physics allowing the player to fly on top of cubes, bombs and enemies; as well as creating platforms out of cubes
  • Fights making use of physics based attacks such as launching cubes at enemies, or pushing enemies into lightning
  • Zero gravity making use of the magnet gun pulling and pushing the player to move in the space station environment




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